The Week on the Farm

Hello Family, Friends, and Neighbors!  We hope all is well with everyone.

We are still in the midst of launching the online farm stand.  We are having a few technical glitches, but once that is all ironed out we should be able to go live with that.

The physical farm stand is now open and ready to serve you.   We have several garden plant starts, potted herbs, and a few potted flowers.  We also have fresh spearmint, oregano, sage, winter savory, and french tarragon.  More to come soon!

Our farm will not be participating in the Farm to Families Food Box program.

My apologies for such a short post,  we have been very busy and I am also having a lot of  computer related technical difficulties (which is also why there are no photos in this post).  Hopefully the next update will be better!




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