This Week on the Farm

Hello family, friends and neighbors!  I know it’s been quite some time since this site was updated.  We had big plans for this season, that is until the virus came along and basically changed everyone’s way of life.

The main market that we had planned to attend, the Trotwood Community Market, canceled for the season.  We felt honored to be invited back to the 2nd Street Market, however, unfortunately we were not able to accept the invitation due to several issues that we could not overcome.  Other markets that we considered were also closed for the season.

What now?  Well, we have a limit amount of produce and herbs (potted and fresh cut) available.  You may call us to find out availability and place an order.  You can also drop by.  Our farm sign is not up and there is no produce on the stand, but we can pull things fresh from the fields if you want to wait for your order.

We are still accepting EBT/SNAP, Produce Perks and PRx coupons.  Produce Perks (for customers who use their EBT/SNAP card) matches up to 20.00 at this time.  We are not handing out Produce Perks coins due to the virus, but we will accept them.  You will get 1/2 off of your order in lieu of receiving Produce Perks coins this year.  We are also accepting WIC Farmers Market coupons and may be accepting Senior Farmers Market coupons.  Cash, credit, and debit also accepted.  Sorry, we do not accept checks.

I plan to update this site again sometime this weekend with more information related to what we are physically doing on the farm and some fun photos.  Until then, Shalom!



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