This Week on the Farm

Greetings Family, Friends and Neighbors!  Well, as you all know it’s been a rather interesting and unprecedented season.  Hopefully we are at the beginning of the end of it.

Whether or not we are at the beginning of the end, the situation will change how farmers markets operate for this season (and perhaps beyond).  At this point our plan is to operate our stand Sunday through Friday, 10am – 7pm starting no later than June 1st.  We are also conversing with Ms. Ciara Lewis, Trotwoods’ Parks and Recreation Program Specialist about providing produce for their Community Market.

Additionally, we are considering helping a certain number of people who live in the cities of Brookville or Trotwood set up a “Victory Garden 2.0” at their residence between the dates of May 15th and May 31st.  The program would provide FREE tilling and installation of your plants/seeds (or you would be able to buy plants/seeds from us).  If you live in the city of Brookville or Trotwood and are interested in garden help please email us at the8stus@yahoo.com with RE: Victory Garden 2.0 in the subject box to get information and updates about that potential program.

On to farm updates.  We have been busy with a lot of perennial plantings.  From herbs to shrubs and trees, we are putting them in the ground.


Medicinal and Culinary herbs


Over 30 pear and apple trees have been grafted and planted!

New varieties of pears and apples grafted onto rookstock.


The building that used to be red is now gray since the siding job has been completed.


The parking lot has been extended.


Base posts for the greenhouse have been set.

Some seeds have been planted and some seedlings are ready to be planted.

Those are all the major/minor updates that I will be sharing for now.  Hopefully I will be able to update again in a few weeks.  Until then, stay as healthy as possible and if you haven’t already, we urge you to seek the Most High and if you are already His, continue to seek His ways.  Shalom!

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