This Week on the Farm

Greetings Family, friends, and neighbors!  This post is not actually about our farm at all.  It is about an important (in our opinion) Kickstarter for a film that highlights (urban) Rid-All Farm in Cleveland, Ohio. 

We do not know the producer of the film or farm owners/staff personally at all.  We were made aware of this project by “divine appointment” just because we were looking for other black owned farms in Ohio today.  Please consider visiting the Kickstarter page and supporting this effort by donation and urging others to donate (use word of mouth, email, and social media posts).  They only have 17 more days left to get funding. 

People spend a lot of $$$$$ each year supporting big budget Hollywood films (by attending movies) renting Redboxes, joining streaming services such as Netflix, and buying cable.  That will do nothing for them or their community.  We are in a sad state when we spend BIG BUCKS on all of that buy will hesitate to give 10.00 to support a positive documentary about black people trying to make a difference in their community.  We have to change this mindset, wouldn’t you agree?  Just 10.00 will enable the supporter of this Kickstarter to download a digital copy of the documentary once completed.  I will mention again, we have no affiliation at all with this farm (they probably have never even heard of our little farm).  We just want to support this positive effort to encourage communities around the globe.

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter:

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