This Week on the Farm

Greetings Family, Friends, and Neighbors!

Three months have passed already? Wow, that was quick!

Continuing from my last post about new plant we are planning to add, I’d like to write a little about a new company that we hope to order from this year. I say “hope” because I really don’t know what to expect from the situation. We are ordering with a group of other growers from Hartmann’s Plant Company and have not exactly received confirmation that all of our items will be shipped. From Hartmann’s we are hoping to add:

Blueberries: Chandler, Columbus, Draper, Hannahs Choice, Nelson, Patriot, Pink Lemonade, Powder Blue and Sunrise

White Nanking Cherry: Gabe, Ian, and Jules

Cranberry: Pilgram and Stevens

Elderberry: Adams, Bob Gordan, Johns, Ranch, and Wyldwood

Gooseberry: Hinnomaki Red and Jeanne

Haskap: Beast, Beauty, Blizzard and Indigo Gem

Box Huckleberry: Blue Horizon

Hardy Kiwi: 74-32, Arctic Beauty, Beauty, Anna, Changbai Mountain, Clark, Fairchild, Geneva, Issac, Ken’s Red, Meader, MSU, Opitz, Prolific and Red Beauty

Lingonberry: Erntedank, Erntesegen, Red Pearl and Red Sunset

Arctic Raspberry: Anna, Beta, Sophia and Valentina

Raspberry: English Thorrnless, Fall Gold, Addison, and Ohio Treasure

Strawberry: Flamingo

I also plan to do some grafting. The varieties that I have scion wood for will have to be the subject for another post. For now, here are a few photos of what we are working with this spring:

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