This Week on the Farm

Greetings Family, Friends, and Neighbors!

Yes, after a full year and a half, I am finally updating this blog. As you can imagine, we have been pretty busy!

I’ll start off with my favorite tradition of listing what we are expecting to grow this coming season by revealing what we have recently ordered.

First up, Urban Farmer is a site that I have enjoyed visiting for many years simply for the information that they share. Strangely enough, we had never actually purchased anything from them until this past fall. I had been too busy to start fall onions sets to over-winter, but was intent on planting them. I searched high and low for sets and there were only a few places that had them in stock. Urban Farmer was one of them. I promptly put 5lbs each of Sweet Oversize, Snowball White, Stuttgarter Yellow, and Red Karmen in my cart.

Whenever I decide to order from a company, I typically like to look at everything they are offering to see if they have other items that I need or want. With shipping costs at an all time high, Urban Farmers’ “Free Shipping on Orders Over $100” was just the incentive that I needed to go on a seed shopping spree! In all the years that I had visited Urban Farmers’ website for information, it dawned on me that I didn’t actually know what products they sold. I was in for a pleasant surprise!

I had already decided that one of my growing themes for 2023 would be strawberries (again!). I wanted to add a lot of different ever-bearing or day neutral varieties, but I wanted to grow them from seed. Urban Farmer carries one of the largest varieties of strawberry seeds that I am aware of (take that with a grain of salt, since there are SO many seed/nursery companies out there and I haven’t explored many of them). Here’s what I put in my cart:

White Alpine, Red Wonder, Yellow Wonder, White Solemacher, Mignonette, Improved Rugen, Reine des Vallees, and last, but not least the variety that I was specifically looking for, Musk. Musk is said to taste like classic Hubba Bubba! I can hardly wait to taste it! After stratifying the seeds, I decided to start some right away (I like growing things in the house during the winter months).

Moving along, I decided to check out the flower selections. They had plenty to choose from, but I was particularly interested in their snapdragons, so I put about four of the prettiest varieties, in my opinion, in my cart. I also added some dahlias and a few other things.

Back to food. I put some melon in my cart: Golden Midget, Tendersweet Orange, Rich Sweetness, and Minnesota Midget. I tossed some leeks cabbage, edamame, cauliflower, broccoli, collards, etc in it as well. Then I noticed the nice sized assortment of tobacco seed that they sell. I read all of the descriptions and even looked some of them up on a separate site so that I could make an informed decision on which ones to choose. I settled on Sylvestris, Sacred Cornplanter, Aztec Rustica, Florida Sumatra, and Jasmine. I put a few other things and then it was finally time for me to check out! The order came in perfect condition and so far, we are happy with what we got.

To be continued…

While you wait, please enjoy photos from 2022. Shalom!

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