This week on the Farm

Greetings Family, Friends, and Neighbors! We were having such nice mild weather when all of a sudden, BAM…. it’s freezing outside! Oh well, that’s Ohio for you. I’m sure anyone who has lived here for any length of time is not surprised.

I have put off posting an update because we have been up in the air about our plans for the 2021 market season. At this point our plans are to have the stand open Sunday – Friday, 9am-7pm. We are still discussing the possibility of setting up a stand somewhere in the Trotwood area on Sundays. Due to some personal constraints we are not going to be available to attend Farmers Markets during the week at this point, perhaps that will change as we get closer to Farmers Market season.

I have also decided to start trying to post what we order each year and from where. I regret that I haven’t done it in the past, but better late than never.

I start placing my orders on “Black Friday” so that I can take advantage of any possible sales. I try to have all of my orders placed by the end of the first week of December. This is the best way, in my opinion, to get what you want before things sell out.

This year I ordered seeds from Dollar Seed (squash, herbs and flowers), Parkseed (flowers) and E&R seed (vegetable and herbs). E&R does not have a personal website. I have linked a page where you can get information on how to get their catalogs which will explain how to order. They publish three +150 page catalogs every year. These catalogs each carry specific types of items and rarely overlap, so I would suggest that you request all three catalogs if you are interested in knowing what they offer. I am not going to list what I ordered because it’s too much to list. 🙂

The companies that we ordered new varieties of fruit trees, shrubs, or canes follows. I will list what we ordered from each company since they are much shorter lists. 🙂

Indiana Berry: Raspberry: Anne Yellow Red Current: Jonker Van Tets and Rovada Gooseberry: Black Velvet, Hinnomaki Poorman and Jahns Prairie Aronia: Nero Bush Cherry: Jan, Joel and Joy Elderberry: Marge and Nova Honeyberry: Blue Hokkaido, Blue Mist, Blue Pagoda and Blue Sea Lingonberry: Ruby, Megenta Paw Paw: KSU Atwood Asparagus: Guelph Millennium and Purple

Burnt Ridge Nursery (new to us, we can not recommend them at this time): Blue Elderberry, Golden Current, Berry Blue Honeyberry, Buried Treasure Box Hackleberry, Cornelian Cherry Dogwood, Paw Paw: Campbells NC and Pennsylvania

Edible Landscaping (new to us, we can not recommend them at this time): White Nanking Cherry: Ian, Gabe and Jules Juneberry: Success, Jennybelle

Ison’s Nursery and Vineyards: Jujube: Lang and Li Black Current: Crandall

Gurney’s (not particularly recommended): Jujube: Honey Jar and Shanxi Li Additional: Saskatoon Blueberry, Nanking cherry

England’s Orchard and Nursery: American Persimmon: Prok, Early Jewell and Celebrity Asian Persimmon: Kassandra and Rosseyanka Jujube: Sugar Cane and SO Asian Pear: Shin Li and Raja Paw Paw: Benny’s Favorite Pecan: Kanza, Mandan and Pawnee

Scion wood that I have on order by way of trade: Asian Pear: Yoinash, Hosui, Korean Giant, Daisui Li, Shinsui and Niikake Peach: Golddust, Rich May, Victoria, White Lady, Blushing Star, Spring Snow, Indian Free and Red Haven Nectarine: Mericrest Plum: Toka

Note: Scion wood is basically a stick from a tree that produces a certain variety. You can graft the scion wood to an existing tree or rootstock. I currently have some peach, pear, paw paw and persimmon rootstock that I plan to graft some of the scion wood to. I also plan to graft some of the scion wood to existing mature trees. The benefit to grafting scion wood to existing mature trees is early fruit. In general, it can take seven years for a standard fruit tree to begin to produce fruit. When you graft scion wood to a mature fruit tree, as long as there are fruit buds on your newly grafted scion wood, you can expect to get fruit in as little as two years!

Greenhouse update: Both ends have been framed. We are waiting for warmer weather to continue to work on this project.

Early seed starting: a few tomatoes, peppers, celery, and onions in the indoor grow room.

Chickens: 50 new layers bought in December. They should start laying some time after June.

I am currently have issues posting pictures. I will update with photos as soon as possible (don’t hold your breath, lol). Subscribe to receive updates! Until next time, Shalom! 🙂

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