This Week on the Farm

Greetings family, friends, and neighbors!  Just four days to go!  Four days before it is officially Spring!  We had some much appreciated and welcomed warm weather this past week.  It allowed us to continue working on several projects, including the set up of the area where we plan to put our new strawberry beds.  We had a little set back because of a storm and ended up having to reapply our plastic and fully frame the hoops in, but we like it better now than before anyway.  The strawberry plants are scheduled to arrive around April 8th.  In addition to Mara De Bois, we decided to plant Seascape, and to a lessor degree, as a test run,  Albion, Portola, Evie 2, and AC Wendy.  Those are in addition to what we already have on the property, which are Sonata, Pineberry, and Yellow Alpine.  Without further ado, here are a few pictures:

Framing the strawberry hoop houses.
Black sheet mulch inside the strawberry hoop house will prevent crab grass growth.
A layer of wood placed at the bottom of the boxes to help with drainage
Getting compost for the grow boxes.
Layering boxes with straw and compost in preparation for planting next week.
Wildlife on the Farm: Mr. Toad was wading in the creek.

That’s all for now, Shalom!

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