This Week on the Farm

Hello Family, Friends and Neighbors! Winter has finally given us a taste of it’s best. We have had several bouts of snowy and cold weather. Very little can be done outside in weather like that! Things that we were able to do involved putting hay up in the barn for the animals, starting seeds in some of the hoop houses, and starting seeds indoors. Here are a few photos of some of that work.

Putting up 100 bales of hay in the barn loft
Winter sowing tomato and pepper seeds. These seeds are ground watered due to the high water table in our area. They will be ready to plant May 15, which is our last frost date.
Going though some of our seeds to pick some out to start

We have a lot of new projects that we hope will help us to be more efficient on the farm planned for the next couple of months, so stay tuned for all of the updates! Hit the follow button (top right side, under the Instagram link) to get an email notification when this site is updated. Shalom!

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